No surprise ending…it’s anal!

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What’s this video all about? Debbie, a 47-year-old divorcee from Southern California, tells us right off the bat. No surprise endings here!

“I’m here to show you how hot and horny I can be,” she says. “Today, I’m going to show you how well I take it up the ass.”

Before she does that, she does a slow strip, gets her pussy eaten and fingered, sucks cock sloppily and noisily and gets her pussy fucked noisily. But when that dick starts drilling her ass, Debbie really turns into a wild woman! Hey, she’s a biker chick. What did you expect?

“I usually won’t wait for a guy to make the first move,” she said. “Maybe I would’ve when I was in my 20s, but all that has changed. I know better. I think men like sexually aggressive women. I suck cock and ask questions later!”

Debbie laughed when she said that. But we think she was serious.