The Exchange Student American Hospitality – S2:E3

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Reagan Foxx and Filthy Rich have put together a blended family with each of their daughters, Kiara Cole and Addison Lee. When they decide to house foreign exchange student Juan Loco, their whole family dynamic gets a little hornier. Regan and Addison are just arguing over Reagan’s latest gold digging scheme when Filthy Rich walks in with Juan. The girls are both instantly smitten, with Addison shaking her T and A for Juan to admire until they are joined by her younger sister Kiara.As soon as Addison can get Juan alone, she takes him to her room under the pretense that she’s going to show him around the house. Pulling her pants down, she goes into total seduction mode. Reagan can hear what her daughter is up to at the door, but she’s locked out as Addison pulls Juan’s cock out and starts stroking and sucking. She ignores her mom and enjoys herself deep throating Juan’s big dick. Reagan tries to rat Addison out to Filthy, but Addison’s dad refuses to believe his daughter may be up to no good. Now that they’re alone, Addison coaxes Juan out of his pants so he can enjoy fucking his very first American girl.Climbing onto Juan’s fuck stick, Addison enjoys every inch of that siffie as she gives him a hard ride in her bare twat. Then she gets on her hands and knees so Juan can bang her doggy style. Rolling onto her back, Addison moans her way to a big O and then instructs Juan to cum all over her. As Addison eats Juan’s cum from her own stomach, he decides that he loves America.